2020 Newsletter and GoodGiving Dec. 3

Broadway Clay at Josephine Sculpture Park

Dear friends,

As the air cools down and the leaves begin to fall, we realize it is time once again to reflect on a year gone by, one full of hard work, community efforts, tremendous learning experiences, and of course, incredible art and nature. We look forward each year to sharing these memories with you. For all the unforeseen challenges this year, we have accomplished inspiring activities together and we have you to thank for that!

Click HERE for the 2020 Newsletter to read more about all the awesome we experienced in 2020 and what we have planned for 2021.


Sculpture Saturday: Entombment of the Hive Mind by Jamie Weinfurter

Welcome to Sculpture Saturday! We get to chat with artist intern Jamie Weinfurter about her new sculpture just installed at JSP, and even see some footage of the process! Please follow and support Jamie’s incredible work on IG @jaybyrdart and jamieweinfurter.com. While Jamie is back in Minnesota, she will always have a home in Kentucky at Josephine Sculpture Park.

Entombment of the Hive Mind is the culmination of Jamie’s Hive Mind series of ceramic installations created over the past two years. She originally pressed terra cotta into three different plaster molds, as a meditative process to transfer her own self-destructive anxieties into the clay, which produced five hundred figures. She began her internship at JSP in the spring of 2019 with the intention to simply bury the Hive Mind; but a five pound concrete block caused a life-threatening accident, which led to months of recovery and halted the project until 2020. The concrete block became a representation of Jamie in the tomb, which the figures surround as grave goods (objects that gain usefulness in the afterlife and watch over what has been buried without any intention of recovery). The greenhouse shelters the tomb like a mausoleum, but nature will reclaim and change the installation over time. Jamie has found resolution through burying this sculpture, and will continue to evolve, as her past work and the trauma that prevented her from moving forward in her life has finally been put to rest.

Special thanks to Inside Out Design, LLC for donating to JSP the cast concrete stones used to construct this piece!

Sculpture Saturday is sponsored in part by Expree Credit Union. Donate at josephinesculpturepark.org. Thank you!

nARTure Tuesday: Sound Map

It’s nARTure Tuesday! One fun and insightful nature journaling prompt we love is a sound map. Head outside with some paper and writing utensil(s). Mark your location with an “X” on your paper. Now, tune in to the sounds all around you. Note them in place however makes sense (sketches, words, onomatopoeias, space, lines). If you hear an animal, what do you think it might be? Can you imitate its noise? Does a plant have sound? Which sounds did you like the most? You can take this sound map a step further by coloring or painting it, or writing a poem inspired by a sound. Right where you are is alive and full of wonder!

nARTure Tuesday is sponsored in part by Expree Credit Union and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky. Donate at josephinesculpturepark.org. Thank you!

Sculpture Saturday: Jamie Weinfurter & Riley Fichter Sculptures-in-Progress

Happy Sculpture Saturday! This week, we feature a video produced and published by our friends at Paul Sawyier Public Library (PSPL) as part of their fantastic “Community Connections” video series. PSPL captured our Program Director, Jeri Katherine Howell, welcoming you to the Park and all we have to offer; artist Jamie Weinfurter’s process in building her sculpture (which is officially installed at JSP as our NEWEST sculpture!); and artist Riley Fichter’s concept and early stages of his new sculpture to be installed at JSP. Learn more about Riley and Jamie’s process and how different sculptures comes to life! Please support these incredible artists by following them on social media @jaybyrdart and @fakeryebread.

Sculpture Saturday is sponsored in part by Expree Credit Union. Donate at josephinesculpturepark.org. Thank you!

Thankful for Artists Thursday: Kentucky State University Concert Series This Weekend

It’s Thankful for Artists Thursday, and we are incredibly thankful for the talented artists (faculty, staff AND students!) at Kentucky State University (KSU)! We have enjoyed partnering with KSU over the years for our annual Fall Arts Festival and Artist in Residence projects, and love when KSU students, faculty, and staff visit the Park. This weekend please enjoy a virtual concert series from the amazing faculty and students in the School of Humanities and Performing Arts, televised on Frankfort Plant Board in conjunction with Frankfort’s Candlelight Weekend 40th Anniversary! See poster for dates and times.

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