Taylor Wright

Taylor Wright at Josephine Sculpture Park

My art is divided evenly between two mediums, these being sculptural metalworking and
printmaking. My metalworking is focused mainly around the transformation of found objects,
usually of a machined or electrical nature, into insect-like creatures. I start by using found objects
as a base for the creature’s body, interpreting its shape and form into something recognizable by
the viewer as a living being. I’ll then bring this interpretation to life by adding forged, cast, and
fabricated metal elements, afterwards creating a convincing surface finish with complex texture
and color patterns. The process of imagining and breathing life into the inanimate is essential to
the theme of this work, a theme which is essentially the power of imagination to excite and
intrigue the audience. Viewers are able to take these machined and manufactured materials, a
well-suited opposite to organic matter, and mentally transform it into something that appears to
be living and moving. This incredible transformative ability speaks volumes of the human mind’s
ability to imagine and play with whatever it sees.

On the other hand, my printmaking deals with imagination and fictional creatures, but in a
more narrative sense. This past semester, I’ve begun fulfilling my lifelong drive to create narratives
by starting a series of continuous comics, all titled The Petri Dish. These risograph-printed comics
follow a human character interacting with various alien species in a non-physical space called the
Petri Dish. Because of the playful and expressive nature of these comics, the drawings are simple
and linear, aiming for clean character design and emotive power over all else. Many of my previous
printed works have created characters and established themes and settings, but none have gone
so far as to create a long-form narrative like this, leading me to believe that this series is the
culmination of all the various interests in my work. These interests would be the creation of
inhuman creatures, the communication of personality through character design, the exploratory
and experimental nature of science fiction, and the convincing of the viewer that the creatures I
create are living, breathing, and thinking beings. In this way, the overarching theme of all my work,
regardless of material, is clear; I am creating beings, imbued with personality and purpose, out of
the inanimate and the blank, and I am creating them to make a shared imaginative space between
myself and the audience.

Instagram: @rowenar11



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