Miguel Angel Velit

Miguel Angel Velit at Josephine Sculpture Park


Miguel Angel Velit’s Work has been evolving in several stages in the last 12 years of his fruitful artistic path, from the study of the synthesis of Inka’s Shapes and symbols, made up “Totems” or trails in wood and marble, to the study of the planets and space phenomena, which he transforms from dreams to drawings and from drawings to sculptures.

His uncut stone and polished marble sculptures incorporate color, texture, concave and convex forms.

He made up a sculpture at Europos Parkas in Lithuania called “Moon Eclipse” and then shiftíng to Land Art Facilities with primitive paintings and drawings as well as personal symbols made up by placing stones, one on each other, at ground level, just as the one he made up at Franconia Park in Minnesota in 1997 where these gigantic drawings can be seen from an airplane or from the top of a building, Putaendo Sculpture Park – Chile 2003, Project Peatpolis in Emmen – Holand 2003 and Museo de la Nación 2003.

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