Josephine Sculpture Park connects our community with the land through the arts. Your Membership helps us GROW and allows us to provide arts and nature education and creative experiences to our community and transformative opportunities to artists while conserving the beauty of Kentucky’s native, rural landscape. We believe the ARTS are for EVERYONE! Our 30 acre park is free and open 365 days per year. It features a rotating exhibition of nearly 80 contemporary artworks placed throughout the natural landscape.

YOUR MEMBERSHIP at this time is needed more than ever! Due to COVID19, we have transitioned much of our hands-on programming to be accessible through social media and email in an effort to support more families at home with their kids. We are also offering small group tours, workshops and camps for all ages and abilities. We have 7 Artists in Residence scheduled for this year! Check out our upcoming programs here.

In addition, we have been renovating our offices, visitor center, artist residences and our historic tobacco barn, removing acres of invasive plants and replacing them with a variety of native plants.

Please stay well and be safe and we will see you at the park again soon!

Membership Levels & 2021 Swag

$25 Membership: You’ll get a cool vinyl sticker that shows your support for JSP
$50 Membership: You’ll get the JSP sticker and a hand-printed bookmark by Starpointe Studios
$100 Membership: You’ll get the JSP sticker, the awesome bookmark and a MEMBERS ONLY TOUR
$250 Membership: You’ll get the JSP sticker, the awesome bookmark and a MEMBERS ONLY TOUR and will be listed on our website as a Supporting Member

Your Membership supports all things JSP, Thank You!

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