Maggie Bevis

Julia Bevis is a senior at the University of North Florida, majoring in fine arts with a concentration in sculpture. She finds inspiration in polyhedrals, celtic knots, and cats, among many things. Her passion lies in metalwork, often depicting some aspect of pop culture. She has worked with wood, plaster, steel, cast iron, aluminum, and ceramics. She also dabbles in photography and fiber works.

Julia was part of a team that created Sergeant Quackers, a large, floating duck made of styrofoam and fiberglass, currently owned by Duckies Car Wash. Her proudest achievement thus far is a six foot steel piece, Knot a D20, on display at Josephine Sculpture Park. While not currently on display, Toothless is a cast iron piece that displays a celtic knot while paying homage to the book and movie series How to Train Your Dragon.


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