Jeremy Colbert

Jeremy Colbert at Josephine Sculpture Park

Through the years I have challenged myself to explore many ways of producing my art and to discover more about the psychology in the work itself.  My art develops from concepts, improvisation, and events, that use subjects such as, memories, stories, and Native American culture that have all become more prominent in the work.


 The personal connection I have to the Chickasaw tribe has always been important to me although for many years I avoided using the content of my heritage in my work. The shared lessons about our culture, traditions, and stories of our family were precious to me and I was afraid of allowing them to become cliché through my artwork.  As I have become more comfortable with my art, and the content I have found it important to face the challenge of exploring my heritage through sculpture.


 My artworks are reflective of rediscovery through evaluation of one’s self.  In order to redefine your existence, peel back one’s childhood, identity, and personal experiences – the truth that lies just beneath the surface will emerge.  Andy Goldsworthy said, “Something just under the surface directly affects the outside surface.” In my quest for personal answers in my art, this is exactly what I found.  All of life’s experiences, remembered and repressed, have begun to resurface and it is all just under that delicate surface, the surface of truth and ownership.

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