Andrew Woodard

Andrew Woodard at Josephine Sculptor Park

I am interested in the potential of work that addresses sites and communities tactically through its placement, use value, scale, and subject matter. I believe that art in the public sphere can stimulate inspiration for further resident engagement and activism. It is in the intersection between art, the public, architecture, and design that I draw inspiration.  

Much of the work I created in the past two years was closely linked with some facet of community activism. Whether it be through executing work that annotates a community garden or honors the life of a local hero, the impact of art as a momentum-building and unifying strategy has proven effective. Having worked in collaboration with several community groups invested in neighborhood improvement strategies, I have found that the impact of my sculptures fortifies and celebrates their activities.  

Public art, its existence, and central placement in our cultural landscape is an ideal place to promote my ambitious effort to propose solutions and effect change. Aesthetically, my work is bold and aggressive in its use of graphic, monumentally sized symbols and materials.  I make work that is visually inclusive, made of universal icons and subject matter, and strive to present these objects in public settings. I believe strongly in the unlimited possibilities of community collaborations and in the power of creativity as a catalyst for a better future.

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