Eco-feminist Workshops

CALL FOR ART: deadline monthly, ongoing

Artists in residence for spring / summer 2017:

Eco-feminist Residency Call for Proposals: Josephine Sculpture Park is seeking artists to create and conduct workshops on site. JSP asks that workshops make use of the natural environment and of any possible natural materials that can be found on site or of other sustainable, recyclable resources. Workshops are conducted outdoors in the park, which serves to get the youth exploring the native meadows and all that lives there and to begin to consider their own relationship to such places.

Mission: We are deeply concerned about the need for our youth to spend more time outside, engaged in thoughtful activities that empower them and stimulate their creative selves. We are committed to providing them the opportunities to do just that.

Artist Housing: Modest housing is available for selected artists as part of the residency program. We offer a one-room housing unit with separate modest kitchenette facilities and outdoor shower. Public restroom facilities are also provided. There are also hotels within 5 miles of JSP if the artist prefers, but those would be paid for by the artist.

Background: JSP was founded in 2009 by Melanie VanHouten, a native of Frankfort, KY. It is a non-profit arts organization whose mission is to provide community arts education and creative experiences while conserving the beauty of the native, rural landscape. JSP exhibits more than 30 works of art created by artists from across the globe. They also host workshops, theatrical performances and free arts festivals throughout the year. Please visit the JSP website at for more information on JSP and on the Residency program.

Melanie states: Frankfort is my hometown and although my family nurtured my creativity I never met or knew any “real” artists while growing up here. I never even dreamed it was possible for this to be my life’s path…I always thought that making art was a hobby that might accompany my “real” career, but only found my way back to my life’s true passion once I had been in college for more than 3 years. This was an obvious advantage for me that many of the youth in a rural area such as ours are not guaranteed. Our mission for this program is to provide these opportunities to all youth, regardless of the financial or geographical obstacles that their families may be enduring. We believe that it is a fundamental human right to be supported by our communities to find and nurture our true gifts; that this builds stronger communities and is a step toward social change. These workshops will provide that supportive place for our kids to feel safe developing and sharing their creative ideas. Our outdoor, site-specific workshop that guides youth in the creation of their own 3-dimensional artworks is a unique project in Kentucky. The workshops are provided to various age groups determined by the artist in residence and are free to the participants.

Example Workshop: self portraits from natural found objects –
one day workshop – 3 hrs. – 10 kids maximum – professional assistant provided – ages 9-11 – boys or girls

Application Materials: submit resume or CV, 1 page teaching philosophy, 10 work samples along with image list, letter of intent and detailed 1 page outline of proposed workshop including specific age group, 1 pg budget and 1 pg lesson plan (timeline/schedule).

Requirements: MFA in studio arts preferred, experience teaching proposed age group preferred, work samples must reflect exploration of Eco-feminist themes.

Workshops conducted – between Apr 15th, 2017 – Oct. 30, 2017

Please send all materials to:contact us and list JSP APPLICATION in the subject line of the email.


Josephine Sculpture Park
3355 Lawrenceburg Rd
Frankfort, KY 40601

Contact Melanie VanHouten with any questions by emailing us here: contact us

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