William Kolok

The many facets of William Kolok’s life are clearly reflected in his sculpture. Raised in a working class neighborhood 30 minutes from New York City, his quest for new experiences led him south where he attended Berry College in Georgia and went on to obtain his Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of Georgia.

A husband and father of two children, Kolok settled in Owensboro and spent 35 years as a professor of art. During this time he maintained an active studio, creating works of art in wood, stone and bronze.

Kolok, an artist for nearly 50 years, has created sculptures that can be seen at numerous spots around Owensboro. “Beside Still Waters” and “The Bridge” grace the grounds of Owensboro Health Hospital; “Tabernacle” and “Font” sit majestically in the Health Park chapel; “From a Seed” invites patrons into the Owensboro Art Museum; “Numbers” is a memorial to a beloved math professor on the Kentucky Wesleyan College campus; expressive crosses at Settle United Methodist Church and the Hospital Chapel invite parishioners to God’s call, and “Princess and the Pirate” add playfulness to a private patio

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