Land Conservation Program at JSP

Josephine Sculpture Park opened in 2009 with the mission to connect people to the land through the arts. We are a rapidly growing, grassroots organization and our efforts have gained energy and expanded through our ability to mobilize and engage our local and regional communities; in other words, with the help of folks like YOU!

Since before we opened, we have been working to restore the native meadows and wildlife habitat and to remove invasive species. We mow walking paths through the meadow to reveal our rotating exhibition of contemporary sculpture and murals, and to invite the public to reconnect with the beauty of Kentucky’s native, rural landscape.

Our desired outcomes are to enable social & cultural shifts via reconnecting young people & adults to our planet through real-life creative experiences in nature that affect behaviors as they relate to climate change. Some of these creative activities will result in actual environmental change, such as the transformation of JSP’s walking paths into a unified 30-acre earthwork.

Our current residency program, which supports artists conducting eco-feminist workshops has grown & engaged more people each year. Since 2011, we have supported dozens of artists in residence & thousands of families have participated in these workshops. They report having a greater respect for the land & connection to it as a result.

We are a proud member of the KY Association of Environmental Education. Learn more about all that we are doing in Environmental Education HERE!

Learn about current habitat projects from Founding Director, Melanie VanHouten HERE!

If you would like to volunteer or provide a donation of in kind service or equipment that will help us continue our land conservation program, please contact us.

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