September Artist-in-Residence Andréa Stanislav

JSP’s September Artist-in-Residence will look different from other months- internationally acclaimed artist Andréa Stanislav will bring something entirely different for the sculpture park.

Stanislav’s multilayered, participatory performance will begin its life at Symphonic Stroll, an event with the Lexington Philharmonic and the Kentucky Dance Academy, on Saturday, September 18th. The piece will continue through exhibit and video, becoming an installation at the park, expected to be completed in 2022.

It is difficult to define Stanislav’s piece, Reflect, to limit it to the usual categories of an exhibit or performance art. Her work is without borders or limits – Reflect has been performed several times across the globe, from St. Petersburg, Russia to New York City. The intent of the piece is to create a relationship with viewers, who become participants in the transaction – an act that lives on with the participant, the artist, and future sites where the work is exhibited.

Reflect has several parts to it,” shares Stanislav, “At JSP, dancers will perform in costumes adorned with hundreds of mirror pin-back buttons. As they dance, they will engage viewers who see their reflections. The viewer’s photo will be taken, put on a button, and back on the dancer’s costume used at a later performance. The viewers watch and ultimately become a permanent part of the art and a participant, as they take the mirror button out into the world, and it lives on. This act is filmed, and will be on exhibit in the park as an installation in 2022. The dancers’ costumes will also become an exhibit. This will travel to other museums around the world. Artist, dancer, viewer, sculptures in the park, the landscape, exhibit goer – all engage and migrate together, into the future,” 

Learn more about Symphonic Stroll, and get tickets while they last!


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