Peyton Scott Russell

DaeskOne at Josephine Sculpture Park


In 1987, with a portfolio of graffiti influenced work, mixed with traditional high school art, I earned acceptance into the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago (SAIC). During school, I majored in printmaking and practiced graffiti outside the institution.  After graduating in 1991, I moved back to Minneapolis and opened House of Daskarone. This was a Gallery, Studio, Print Shop, and Education Center. This gave birth to Juxtaposition Arts in 1995. I taught graffiti art alongside other forms of visual arts, a first in the Twin Cities. Today I am a Bush Fellowship recipient (2012-2014). Through my work as a Bush Fellow, I design curriculums and lesson plans that help bring graffiti art into schools and classrooms. I combined the aesthetics of graffiti with artistic foundations like artistic principles and design elements to teach graffiti as an educational course.

GRAPHOLOGYHENGE was created at JSP in 2018 with support from the National Endowment for the Arts and several local businesses including Lee Brick and Block, Harrod Concrete and Stone, VanHouten Builders, John Fehsal Excavating and Cunningham Masonry. It exists as a site specific earthwork and sculptural installation that serves as a sanctuary for graffiti writers and welcomes anyone to make their mark on its walls.

Graffiti workshops are scheduled throughout the year! Contact us for details.

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