New Exhibition: Mind the Path by Alexander Gelderman


Mind the Path

Alexander Gelderman

May 1 – May 31


About the Exhibition: Mind the Path

Alexander Gelderman’s artwork builds connections between viewer and site, heightening the observer’s perception and understanding of the living, natural environments and enriching their experiences therein. In the exhibition, Mind the Path, the artist builds upon personal connections and discoveries in the land to create a curated journey through a section of Josephine Sculpture Park. The metal and earthen forms draw the viewer’s attention back to the land and the act of moving through it. Enjoy your walk and be sure to Mind the Path.

Mind the Path is part of Gelderman’s University of Kentucky BFA Thesis

About the Artist: Alexander Gelderman

Alexander Gelderman is a visual artist, educator, and community developer based in Kentucky. His artwork uses the mediums of sculpture, land art, photography, and instillation to engage the viewer in an exploration of the natural world. He draws heavily on themes such as discovery, mindfulness, and movement, while being careful to strike a balance between his artistic hand and the landscape.

Alexander Gelderman received a BFA in Sculpture from the University of Kentucky in 2021. He has had solo and group shows, been displayed in permanent collections, and participated in cast iron performances throughout the United States. In recent years, he has been awarded the position of Intern Artist at Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum, Art Studio Intern at Josephine Sculpture Park, and Full-Time Intern at the National Ornamental Metal Museum. In addition, Gelderman leads two non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting metal as an art form, Kentucky Metalcasting and SCRAP – Student Sculpture Guild. Through these organizations, Alexander has curated exhibitions, designed and taught community based arts programming, and led several workshops and lectures regarding art and metalworking techniques.

Visit the artist on Instagram @alex.gelderman.

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