nARTure Tuesday: Transformation

Take 10 minutes to enjoy nARTure Tuesday: Transformation with us. Program Director, Jeri Howell, has been overjoyed monitoring monarch metamorphosis in her backyard (where the photos come from!). Butterflies undergo a complete metamorphosis, transforming from egg, to caterpillar, to pupa (chrysalis), then adult butterfly – each stage entirely unique from the others.

We can learn so much from butterflies’ metamorphosis metaphor. In each stage of its life, the butterfly transforms. As our lives continue to transform, let the life cycle of butterflies inspire you. For 10 min, we encourage you to free write on the topic “transformation.” (Free writing involves writing continuously for a set period of time without concern for grammar, form, etc. Just write as the words come to you.) Some questions you may want to consider: What stage in the butterfly life cycle do I feel I am in right now? What can my family learn from butterflies’ complete metamorphosis? Where would I build my chrysalis?


Let the writing transform your thoughts, your day, your week. Happy transformation, butterflies!

If you enjoy our nARTure Tuesday activities, check out JSP’s Art in Nature Camp – Session I for middle and high school youth starting Saturday, September 26! Pre-registration required by Wednesday, September 23. Space is limited, so please join us today!


nARTure Tuesday is sponsored in part by Expree Credit Union and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky. Donate at Thank you!

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