nARTure Tuesday: Symphonic Stroll & COVID-19 Safety

Happy nARTure Tuesday! Are you thinking of joining us for Symphonic Stroll on September 18th, but haven’t purchased your tickets or signed up to volunteer because of COVID-19 concerns? Check out our COVID-19 safety precautions:

Extremely Limited Crowding Opportunities – The LexPhil ensembles will perform at 6 sites throughout the 30-acre park, so people will be spread out significantly. Furthermore, ticket holders will arrive at timed entries. That way, not everyone will be at the event at the same time.

Limited Ticket Sales – We have limited the amount of available tickets to ensure everyone can spread out plenty.

Social Distancing & Masks – We will encourage all event attendees to maintain at least 6ft distance from those not in their household. We will also encourage mask wearing. All JSP & LexPhil staff & volunteers will be asked to wear a mask. All JSP & LexPhil staff are vaccinated.

Learn more, grab your tickets & sign up to volunteer below:

2021 Barn Raisin’: Lex Phil at JSP, Symphonic Stroll

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