nARTure Tuesday: Shadow Prints!

Happy nARTure Tuesday with Josephine Sculpture Park! We are well into the sunny Kentucky summer, and much like we made art with the rain in the spring, we are going to make art with the SUN! This nART activity is a great opportunity to reflect on the sun’s importance in our lives (and awesomeness): it is the closest star to Earth, and its proximity is the perfect distance to make life on Earth possible. This activity is also an opportunity to practice patience, as you need to let your artwork sit outside for several hours untouched in order for the sun to do its work. 


During this activity, you or your friend may wonder: Why does the sun fade paper? Paper is made with dyes from chemicals called pigments. Certain pigments absorb sunlight while others reflect it. When pigments absorb light, pigments are turned into a new chemical that cannot absorb sunlight. The paper loses its color, or fades. The parts of the paper that make your artwork silhouette do not fade because they are protected from the sun, and therefore the chemical change does occur in the areas underneath the nature items. The result: SHADOW PRINTS!  

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