nARTure Tuesday: Just like a seed, you are enough.

On your next visit outside, notice the diversity of seeds around you. Think: how do you think each different kind of seed moves, to ensure access to the resources they need to grow? Some move by wind, water, animals (fur/clothes and waste), and more, eventually to settle where and grow. During week 2 of Art in Nature Camp, we learned how we – yes, humans are animals! – help move seeds, and the impacts we can have in doing so. Campers voted to plant swamp milkweed seeds in their freshly decorated pots, which will overwinter outside or in an out-building, because they love and want to support monarch butterflies. (If you’re interested in growing more milkweed yourself, check out this great blog for comprehensive tips at every stage of the milkweed’s life cycle.)

We kicked off this camp day with a “seed to tree” yoga practice and ended with this meditation, which you may find uplifting yourself: Just like a seed, you are enough.

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Thanks to Wilson’s Nurseries for donating the pots. Art in Nature Camp is sponsored in part by a grant from the Kentucky Ornithological Society. nARTure Tuesday is sponsored in part by Toyota Motor Manufacturing and Expree Credit Union.

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