nARTure Tuesday: JSP Scavenger Hunt!

This nARTure Tuesday, we have a 4-part JSP nature scavenger hunt! During your visit to JSP, you can find:

1.. JSP Aritst in Residence, Remi, at work on her sculpture! Remi is in residence until August 12 and is building her TerraHand sculpture from earth, straw, and water using the sustainable cob building method! You can learn and work alongside Remi during a variety of workshops. Visit to learn more and register!

2. Fleabane – Some folks consider this a weed, but its bright white and yellow are so beautiful and you can dry the flowers to sprinkle on your pets’ beds to rid fleas!

3. Blue Bench – You can now take a trail break, relax, and watch the birds feed from our refurbished beautiful blue bench! (Thanks for the repairs, Riley!)

4. Poison ivy – If you had not seen an image of poison ivy before, here’s your chance! Poison ivy is considered “nature’s bandaid” and helps to “heal” highly disturbed soil. Poison ivy is doing its healing work in many places at JSP, so please keep an eye out and avoid touching it. While poison ivy may help the land progress, it might make you break out in an itchy rash. If you accidentally brush against it while you’re mid-visit, find some plantain leaves, crush them, and rub them on the affected area. Then when you get home, wash the area with dish liquid to remove the plant oils.

What fun or interesting nature wonders do YOU find at JSP? Let us know!

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