nARTure Tuesday: JSP Bluebird Trail

Happy nARTure Tuesday! This week, we share exciting news about a community conservation project installed at the Park over the weekend: a bluebird trail! We now have 11 bluebird houses (built and painted by Art in Nature Campers) installed throughout the Park. During these winter months, birds will use them to shelter from the cold. Come spring, they will start nesting! Do you want to join our bluebird trail monitoring team to monitor the species and development of birds in the houses!? Let us know! Thanks to our awesome volunteers, Art in Nature campers, Kristin Nelson, Wild Birds Unlimited, Chris Forsythe, Hannah Helm, and Frankfort Audubon Society for making this possible.
Now is the time to clean out your birdhouses (remove old nesting material and clean inside with a diluted chlorine bleach solution) to maintain the health of the house and its visitors. Once the houses are clean and completely dry, you can line the houses with wintering material such as cotton batting (to plug up holes where chilly air can enter) and a thin layer of wood chips to help keep our feathered friends warm.

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