nARTure Tuesday & Election Day: What brings you hope?

Happy Election Day and nARTure Tuesday! On your way to vote (or if you’ve already voted, on your outdoor jaunt in this beautiful KY weather), we invite you to notice at least one beautiful thing that brings you hope. Maybe it’s the gentle sound of the fall leaves shaking, the constant flow of the river, the energy of children playing, creating a work of art, the rest you’re gifting yourself today… The largest and oldest tree on Park grounds is a chinkapin oak, which we lovingly called Grandmother Tree, and she gives us hope. She reminds us of growth, wonder, beauty, strength, resilience, and wisdom. She reminds us of the history of this land and the future it will help to grow with its seeds. Grandmother Tree holds the soil, shades visitors, provides homes for a diversity of wildlife, and connects us with each other and more-than-human nature. She reminds us of community, of home. What brings you hope today?

Shout out to Jody Thompson and volunteers with Woods & Waters Land Trust for helping give Grandmother Tree space and opening up her shade to visitors. We are open every day for free dawn to dusk, so come visit her.

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