nARTure Tuesday: Butterfly Anatomy

Beautiful butterflies are starting to grace the skies in Kentucky! Butterflies are special to many of us for a variety of reasons. In some families, butterflies are a reminder of loved ones who have passed away. For some Native American tribes, a butterfly represents change, or transformation, and balance. What do butterflies represent to you or your culture? 


This nARTure Tuesday, we encourage you to connect with nature while making a butterfly with found objects outside! 


Step 1: Identify the parts of a butterfly, or butterfly anatomy. 

Step 2: Collect objects from outside that resemble different butterfly parts. 

Step 3: Create your butterfly – wherever you wish! 

Did you know JSP is working to create more habitat for beneficial insects and pollinators, like butterflies? We are doing so by planting native trees and forbes, which provide nectar for butterflies and are host plants, where butterflies lay their eggs and what the hatched caterpillar eats. In the park, we have butterfly milkweed, which is a host plant to monarchs! We also are dedicated to reforesting areas of the Park with native trees, like the tulip poplar, which is a host plant to tiger swallowtails!  


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