nARTure Tuesday: Broadleaf Plantain Poultice

Happy nARTure Tuesday! We hope you’re outside enjoying this nice, cool weather. This week, we focus on an amazing plant: broadleaf plantain! In most of North America, broadleaf plantain grows plentifully in grassy areas, including Josephine Sculpture Park. Next time you are outside and get bit by an insect or brush up against poison ivy, find plantain, pick off a clean leaf, chew or mash up the leaf, and apply to the affected area until the pain or irritation goes away. This plantain poultice will do the trick! You can learn more about backyard medicinal plants THIS SUNDAY, September 6 from 1-2pm at JSP with Melissa Calhoun of the Kentucky Herbalism Alliance. Registration is required & there’s only 1 spot left! Register & learn more at First Sunday Guided Nature Tour: Backyard Fall Medicinal Plants.


nARTure Tuesday is sponsored in part by Expree Credit Union and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky. Thank you!

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