Lucy Azubuike

Lucy Azubuike at Josephine Sculpture Park

Azubuike approaches sculpture in a unique way – substance is typically added or removed to create sculptural works of art.  She recognizes beautiful shapes and forms in nature as wholly complete works of art.  Nature itself has created these works and they exist for us to enjoy, just as we enjoy art, which we see on display in museums and elsewhere.  Azubuike strives to highlight the beauty of these forms and accentuate the similarities and connections that exist between them and us.  In so doing, she reminds the viewer of the vitality and beauty of life forms we typically fail to recognize. Just as we fail to recognize the similarities and connections between ourselves and the world in which we live we also fail to recognize our dependence upon it.

Photography, painting, performance, installation, sculpture and video art are her means of expression. Appreciation and perception shift are perpetual notions in her art regardless of the medium. She finds nature as a constant source of fascination with which she persuades viewers to see beyond the presented.

It is her desire to have people stop for a moment and pay attention to the environment and connect them to their personal life.

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