Latitude Arts

Latitude serves all people with an emphasis on those who are considered to have a disability by creating a framework which encourages us to recognize our own life’s narrative, and then choose ways in which we may contribute to the well-being of our community.

We believe in community and collaborative community partnerships.  We believe that space/location is the key that opens the door to community.  We believe in a shared commitment to a revitalized downtown Lexington.  We believe that community itself needs a broader perspective regarding disability issues.  We believe in the potential of all people.  We believe that people thought to have disabilities have unrecognized potential. We believe that human services can do more to support people to realize their potential. We believe that community supports for people considered to have disabilities can be improved, upgraded, and developed.  We believe that people thought to have disabilities are not less fortunate, but people who, with appropriate supports, will contribute to the greater good of the community.”


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