JSP at International Sculpture Conference in AZ

So, I’ve been in Phoenix for the International Sculpture Center Conference since Wed. and it has been truly inspiring. I’ve seen amazing public art, everywhere, visited Bollinger Atelier, The Phoenix Art Museum, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, including the Knight Rise skyspace by James Turrell during sunrise and sunset. I’ve attended panels by artists from around the world working in a variety of methodologies crossing boundaries, sometimes quite literally, between countries, across disciplines and always engaging the public in art-making that is innovative and poignant. I’ve met artists and arts administrators from several countries, and a few fellow Kentuckians were in attendance too! I hope you enjoy the photos below from this wonderful adventure… and a special shout out to the International Sculpture Center for continuing to be at the forefront of sculpture!!

IMG_3789 IMG_3767 IMG_3805 IMG_3771 IMG_3797 JSP at Knight Rise Sky Space by James Turrell at SMOCA


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