nARTure Tuesday: Symphonic Stroll & COVID-19 Safety

Happy nARTure Tuesday! Are you thinking of joining us for Symphonic Stroll on September 18th, but haven’t purchased your tickets or signed up to volunteer because of COVID-19 concerns? Check out our COVID-19 safety precautions:

Extremely Limited Crowding Opportunities – The LexPhil ensembles will perform at 6 sites throughout the 30-acre park, so people will be spread out significantly. Furthermore, ticket holders will arrive at timed entries. That way, not everyone will be at the event at the same time.

Limited Ticket Sales – We have limited the amount of available tickets to ensure everyone can spread out plenty.

Social Distancing & Masks – We will encourage all event attendees to maintain at least 6ft distance from those not in their household. We will also encourage mask wearing. All JSP & LexPhil staff & volunteers will be asked to wear a mask. All JSP & LexPhil staff are vaccinated.

Learn more, grab your tickets & sign up to volunteer below:

2021 Barn Raisin’: Lex Phil at JSP, Symphonic Stroll

Sculpture Saturday: After the Eulogy by Jill Stauffer, JSP Art Studio Intern

“I feel more confident [that]…if I want to make something and I’m not sure how to do it, that I can creative problem solve and figure it out. So I feel more energized to take on challenges and try doing things that seem like I don’t know how to do them at first, but to seek out the resources to make it happen.”

Hear more from Jill Stauffer about the experience of building her first outdoor and metal sculpture, as a JSP Art Studio Intern during summer 2021. Visit Jill online at or on Instagram

YOU can apply to be a JSP Intern here!

Sculpture Saturday is sponsored in part by Expree Credit Union. Donate at Thank you!

Call for Art: Outdoor Public Art/Sculptures in Frankfort, Kentucky

John Parker: Arts Downtown, Frankfort, KY

Arts Downtown: Frankfort Sculpture Trail 

Call for Art: Outdoor Public Art/Sculptures in Frankfort, Kentucky

The Josephine Sculpture Park and FrankArts are seeking contemporary public artworks for a 2 year outdoor exhibit. Frankfort Sculpture Trail is a curated exhibition of sculpture displayed throughout the heart of downtown Frankfort. Sculptures will be placed in both city spaces/sidewalks as well as in public parks and walking trails.

We encourage proposals that show creativity as well as a broad range of appeal to the general public.  We are looking for works that capture attention and engage the public. We encourage artwork that is whimsical, kinetic, eye-catching, sound-making and/or physically interactive in some way, including art that you can sit on, climb into, photograph yourself inside, etc.

All submissions must be made by the October 20, 2021 deadline via the CaFÉ website. Full details, including artist benefits, and how to apply can be found here.


Featured sculpture: daddylonglegs (2019) John Parker

Eagle Scout to Build New Nature Nook

Gillian, an Eagle Scout, has selected JSP as the site of her senior project. She will be constructing a new Nature Nook in the Southeastern Ridge of the Park. She will be selling concessions at Waddy Christian Church on Labor Day, Monday, September 6, from approximately 8am-2pm to raise funds for this project. The address is 2990 Waddy Rd., Waddy, Kentucky. 

Clare Koury – JSP Artist in Residence – Final Week

Artist in Residence, Clare Koury, updates us on her third and final week in residence:

“Spent this week prepping the trenches (ramming loose earth around the edges and going through literally 1,000 ground staples to line it all with landscape fabric) and then filling the lines with crushed limestone (with help from Jon and a massive tractor bucket). After that all that was left was raking the rocks and then lots and lots and lots of shoveling excess dirt to clean up the site.

Definitely my largest and most labor intensive undertaking thus far and it feels good to be done.

This residency has been an incredible opportunity to challenge myself and expand the work beyond the limits of what I thought was possible, and I felt so incredibly supported and encouraged at every step of this project while working at JSP.

It’s hard to understate the impact of that kind of support as a young artist and I feel really grateful for my time here and the trust put in me to execute this vision.”

Clare’s residency was funded in part by the Kentucky Foundation for Women. Drone image (above) by Daniel Evans. Visit the artist at

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