Hot Metal Pour at the Fall Arts Festival

Create your own cast aluminum relief sculpture at the Josephine Sculpture Park Fall Arts Festival on Sunday, Sep. 14, 2014. The pour will continue throughout the day, with the furnace lighting around 11am and pouring molten metal until we run out (last year was mid afternoon!!).

What the heck is a Hot Metal Pour???

Well, first you begin by carving into a sand block (blocks and tools provided). This can be done the day of the Fall Arts Festival (Sep. 14) for only $30.

Second, The crew from Sculpture Trails will be on hand to run the furnace, melt and pour metal throughout the day.

Once they cool off (from around 1700 degrees), the crew will grind off any sharp edges and apply a protective patina to ready your sculpture for its trip home with you!!!

This awesome event is great for all ages, anyone who can use a pencil can carve into the sand block. Families can even work on a block together. Don't miss this amazing opportunity!!!